“Lea” Corner Sofa

“Wave” Coffe table

Organic distortion Wall Bench

“Ripple” Wardrobe

“Ripple” bookcase

“Ripple” tv Cabinet Small

“Fungus” Round Table with white Support

“Ripple” Tv Cabinet

“Fungus” Oval Dinig Table

“Talus” Round Table with black finish and Custom made “branch” Ceiling Lamp 

Sideboard with red legs

“Ripple” Walnut Desk

“Fungus” coffe Table

“Ripple” Wardrobe with American walnut frame

“Fungus” Plywood Round Table with soundwave junction 

“Ripple” Sideboard 

“Modus Terra” Lamps 

“Linium” floor Lamp

Plywood Wall Panel and custom Made Lamps

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