Cyryl Zakrzewski is not your typical artist – he is a master of blending the natural world with modern design in a way that feels both grounded and imaginative.
Growing up in Poland, Zakrzewski’s love for the environment was instilled in him at a young age.
He spent much of his childhood exploring the forests, fields, and rivers around his home, fascinated by the interconnectedness of all living things.

This deep appreciation for nature would go on to inform his artistic career.
After graduating from the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities at Poznan University of Arts in 2011,
Zakrzewski quickly gained a reputation for his unique approach to sculpture and furniture design. His pieces are both beautiful and functional,
seamlessly blending into any environment while still commanding attention.

One of Zakrzewski’s greatest strengths is his ability to create furniture that feels like a natural extension of the human body.
His chairs and tables seem to flow and curve in all the right places, as if they were grown rather than built.
But while Zakrzewski is certainly inspired by the natural world, he also draws on his deep knowledge of woodworking and modern manufacturing techniques
to create pieces that are as contemporary as they are organic.

Zakrzewski’s work has been showcased in galleries and exhibitions all over the world, from Tokyo to Austria. He has received numerous awards and
accolades for his artistic achievements, including a scholarship from the Marshal of Wielkopolska and the top prize at the Kobe Biennale’s “Shitsurai Art” contest.

But perhaps what sets Zakrzewski apart from other artists is his unwavering commitment to sustainability. In a world where so much furniture and decor
is made from synthetic materials that harm the environment, Zakrzewski is dedicated to using only the finest natural materials, like wood and aluminum,
and always prioritizing ethical sourcing and production methods.

In the end, Zakrzewski’s work is not just about creating beautiful objects – it’s about connecting people with the natural world in a meaningful way.
Whether you’re sitting in one of his chairs or admiring one of his sculptures, you can feel the depth of his passion for the environment and his
desire to share that passion with others.



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